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Featured imageAuthor, editor, artist, musician. She/Her

LC reads everything, but is particularly fond of character driven fantasy. She is always looking for recommendations on the horror story that will scare the hell out of her. Her standards are too high because she was a child with an overactive imagination and insomnia.

LC is a founding member of Writers Block workshop, which put out the first three of the Collection of Utter Speculation. Now, editor in chief of fledgling press, Speculation Publications, LC and her co-editor have opened the series to exciting new voices.

LC has her own short fiction published across various mediums and is actively putting out more, while she refines and shops several novels. She has two series available on kindle vella, one that is updated monthly. She is a project person, always looking for new things to try and new connections to work with.

She is an avid reader and most recently enjoyed flying through the ACOTAR series, Once and Future Witches, and The Girl in the Well Series.

She’s also a big fan of interesting rocks. Like, weirdly so.

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Speculation Publications

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