About Lindsey

Featured imageI am a writer, mother, designer, artist and former dive bar rock star. I’m the author of seven novels, two of which are pretty decent and looking for publication. I pretend to be a good suburban mom but when the kids aren’t in the car I put down all the windows and blast punk rock.

Although it might be a cliché, my favorite author is an always will be Stephen King who’s books gave me permission to be my wholeheartedly weird self. I also enjoy watching bad horror films and imagining how I could have made them good. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I get furious watching bad horror films because I think I could have made them better.

I have too many dogs and too much art, neither of which is a bad thing. I like to cook occasionally, make awesome vodka penne and feel strongly that a glass of red wine is helpful for writing difficult scenes. I graduated from journalism school enough years ago that I doesn’t want to mention the date but recently enough that I’m still paying off the student loans.

My plans for the future include publishing my novel “The Silent Apocalypse” and all the ones that follow it, doing a stint with the doctor, raising two awesome human beings, and RVing around the country with my extremely handsome and talented husband. Also running a vineyard would be pretty cool too. And more dogs and art.

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