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Shocking Verbs, Lawless Nouns

Fiction, Poetry and Prose from the Bucks County Writers Workshop

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Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse

(Riders of Harvestland)

It’s time to turn the “man and his dog wandering through a dystopian world” trope on its head, and tell the stories about cats and their women in appropriately dystopian settings. Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse wanders through the broken world narrative in stories of survival, technology, magic, and sheer human determination. But – like their cats – the authors frequently slipped out the upstairs window or knocked things off of countertops, and their stories are stronger for it. In these pages, cats help their women find a better life, protect and defend and fight for the women who have sheltered and protected them – and vice-versa. Because these are not only stories about surviving troubled times, but of the relationships between the women and their cats, between the members of communities both small and large, and how they thrive, even in the face of catastrophic loss. Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse – it’s time to take them seriously!

The Jersey Devil: A Collection of Utter Speculation

(Seeking Monsters)

Authors Susan Tulio, River Eno, LCW Allingham, H.A. Callum, and Melissa D. Sullivan

The Jersey Devil mystery has endured for centuries, birthed from within the untamed acres of the Pine Barrens. Is it a monster? A man? Or a hoax? What does it want and where does it hide? Five stories explore the origins of a mystery that preys upon our most primal fears.

In a future fighting to recover from environmental catastrophe, a young girl’s attempt to prove herself to her parents leads to a startling discovery.

A close encounter leaves two men obsessed, fifty years apart, but the twisted path they follow leads them away from the futures they imagined.

A reclusive rancher spins a web of intrigue for a reporter looking to change her luck. Can they find happiness together or will his secret destroy her?

Sisters seeking solace find themselves immersed in a land of myth, discover magik weaving in and out of their world.

A young woman fighting the vicious rumors that plague her small colonial town turns to her fiancé for help, but the perpetrators of the vicious hoax are more powerful than she imagined.

Is it utter speculation? Or do one of these stories hold the key to the truth behind this enduring legend?

The Lost Colony of Roanoke: A collection of Utter Speculation

(Goodwife Dare)

Authors River Eno, Dan Kinter, Susan Tulio and LCW Allingham

This message, carved into a tree, was the only clue to the fate of the colonists on Roanoke Island. For centuries, stories have circulated, theories were explored. But to this day, no one is really sure what happened to those first English settlers in the Americas.
These stories may offer a clue:
A road trip through dystopian United States brings adventure and danger, and perhaps answers about the mysterious disappearance of the settlers.
Gods of different worlds converge but their people may not blend as well as they do.
A history teacher’s quest to liven up her lessons leads to a startling discovery about love, roots and the fate of the missing colonists.
A young mother thrust into leadership struggles to establish peace between the English and the Natives of Roanoke. But a greater threat lurks in the dark forests that may consume them all.
Four stories from four authors, all exploring the fate of the missing colonists. Are any of them the answer to the greatest mystery of the United States?
Probably not.

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