How to be ripped to shreds with grace (writing reviews)

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LCW Allingham

In college, peer writing reviews never went very well. Either people were too nice or too mean or too vague. And no one wanted to hear it. Usually professors wouldn’t allow us to talk and defend our work, so we didn’t have the option of yelling at our reviewers. Sometimes people couldn’t help it.

I remember a classmate walking out of class after a heated argument with the professor about a point made on his poem. I recall a girl muttering “whatever. Whatever. Uh huh. Whatever,” as another student tried to carefully pick flaws out of her article.

Now, when I am in a peer review group there are no restrictions on who can speak and how or when they can. What have I learned? Adults take constructive criticism even harder than college kids sometimes.

Any why shouldn’t they? As an adult there is more at stake in your work…

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