Interview with Author River Eno

River is one of the authors I've worked with on The Lost Colony of Roanoke and The Jersey Devil. She is a founding member of our writing collective, Writers Block and a fascinating person. Her contribution to Jersey Devil, "The Unspoiled Harmonious Wilderness" is a unique and beautiful take on the origins of our most... Continue Reading →

Interview with Author D R Kinter

*Update: One Tuesday, April 16, 2019, Dan R Kinter passed away after a struggle with cancer. He left behind a legacy of love, support and non-stop jokes. Everyone who knew him had a great story to share about how Dan helped them and made them laugh. Please consider picking up a copy of The Bridges... Continue Reading →

Let the work sustain you

What is your goal? Your end game in your writing? You might be struggling to get an agent, get a contract, get five thousand sales. These things can be driving you forward, giving you purpose day to day. Or, like, me they could be driving you crazy. I have been querying on and off for... Continue Reading →

The wrong computer

I'm not trying to make excuses. I have dropped the ball on this blog for quite a bit. Although I really did try, there were many factors contributing to my absence here. One is that I just didn't feel like writing for the sake of it. Another is that I was struggling with some big... Continue Reading →

Occupation: Writer?

I remember staring at the blank space on the preschool enrollment form. Mother's Occupation: ____________.  In the past I'd used my old job. Graphic Designer. Then I resigned myself to "Home maker" but it made me feel a little uncomfortable. Not because being a home maker isn't a real job. Let me tell you, it... Continue Reading →

Art to support your art

Writers can be a fickle bunch. We immerse ourselves in our story, falling in love with our characters, daydreaming about our settings. Then we see something shiny in the distance, a new story idea, a really good book, even (gasp) something happening in our own real life and our make believe world can fall away,... Continue Reading →

Talent and Time

There's two things that can make authors cringe to hear. "I wish I was talented so I could write a book." and "Oh, yeah, I could write a book, if I just had the time." Please stop. You can write a book, without time or talent. We writers know this because we started out with... Continue Reading →

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