We invite your speculation

Speculation Publications is now a thing. I made it.

With River Eno and Susan Tulio on my editorial team, we’re open to submissions for our next collection of utter speculation, The Dancing Plague.

I have so much to say about this. About starting a small anthology press, about focusing more on editorial work, and about what I’m doing with my own writing, now that I will not be regularly contributing to the collection of utter spec. I have so much to say and yet every time I try all the words freeze before they reach my fingers. I think the important thing is why I am pursuing this. I love this series. I love the ideas people come up with. I love editing and cleaning people’s work and making opportunities for writers to be heard.

I also just want to have fun, make fun books, read fun writing. The world has gotten so heavy, and it has affected my own writing. This is fun work, even when the stories are twisted and dark. Especially when the stories are twisted and dark.

I hope my writer friends will consider submitting a story. Guidelines are here. And I hope my reader friends will pick up a copy of The Dancing Plague: A Collection of Utter Speculation, when it drops this fall.

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