CAT LADIES, now available on Amazon and other retailers

CAT LADIES OF THE APOCALYPSE has set out on its own, facing the apocalypse with humor, grit, bad ass ladies, and lots of cats. Like seriously all the cats. It even hit #70 in the amazon bestselling science fiction anthologies.

Pick up a paperback or ebook copy from the retailer of your choice at

And look for my contribution, “Riders of Harvestland” among the many awesome stories included in this collection.

Cat Book Bundle, available for a limited time

The CATS bundle!

When I wrote “Riders of Harvestland” a short story about a motorcycle warrior riding a post apocalyptic wasteland with her two cats, Mittens and Jinxie, I had no way of knowing just what sort of environment it was going to be released in, but here we are. Locked in our homes, worried about our future, and in dire need of cats and books.

CAT LADIES OF THE APOCALYPSE is available right now as part of a huge bundle of cat books, but the deal is only on for a few more days. The collection was curated by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and includes her own fantastic book.

You also have the opportunity to donate some of your price (which you control) toward the Able Gamers Foundation, which gets technology to disabled people.