The first couple are the hardest

The first story you wrote was probably terrible. Maybe you were a kid and that didn’t matter or maybe you were an adult and you felt like a failure. Either way, if your a writer now, it’s because you kept writing stories. You pushed your way through even when doubt and a suddenly failing vocabulary told you it was pointless. The first stories you wrote were the hardest.

The first critiques you received might have destroyed you. After all this work suddenly you feel like your back at zero. Your beautiful writing torn to shreds and now you’re realizing it wasn’t that good to begin with. If your a writer now, it’s because you survived, you got back up and you wrote something better. The first critiques are the hardest.

The first time you tackled serious edits, oh man how did that suck? It was SO HARD and SO BORING and you had to kill all these beautiful darlings. Now? it might not be your favorite thing but I bet you can do it. Those first edits are the hardest.

Same goes for writing queries, or a synopsis (cringe!). I hear people say all that time that they’d rather write an entire novel than a query. I have said it myself. I wrote a lot of bad queries. I used to get so frustrated writing a synopsis (HOW CAN I FIT A WHOLE BOOK ONTO ONE DOUBLE SPACED PAGE?!@?!?!?). The first ones were the hardest.

Then you get better.

Yet for some reason, us writers, in all our infinite writerly wisdom thinks that if we mastered one part of writing, the others should come easily. Then we beat ourselves up.

We need to stop this. It’s all hard. Each new task you take on is going to be difficult the first couple times you tackle it. You’re going to mess up and probably fail. You’ll suffer another rejection. You’ll wonder if you’re really cut out for this. Then you’ll do a little research, take a class, consult a writing group and try again.

And it will get better. Your shorts. Your novels. Your edits. Your queries, you hooks, your synopsis, your writing.

The first couple are the hardest. Keep going.