How to be an excellent critique partner

If you want to keep improving your writing, you will want to foster relationships with people who give you the best feedback. But in order to get you need to give. A great critique partner is not going to continue to spend their precious writing time scouring over your chapter if you are not offering... Continue Reading →

You’re always moving forward, unless you give up

There is nothing quick about being a writer. Writing a book takes a long time. Editing a book can be just as long or longer. Publishing takes forever. Making money... I think you get the point. In this very long process, it is easy to get discouraged. In fact, it's pretty much standard. When you... Continue Reading →

The overused phrase

We all have one and it's practically invisible. To you. But your readers will start to notice it and notice it and notice it, and soon it will start to overshadow your entire story. Yesterday I came across a tweet on my feed. An otherwise awesome book used the same description so many times it... Continue Reading →

Obviously, it’s editing time

I have written and deleted about twenty posts here over the last couple months. As I have mentioned before, it seems my writing seems to work in cycles. I have some great stuff started, but I'm not getting very far on it. I have been trying not to fight the tide and right now, the... Continue Reading →

The laundry list description

LCW Allingham

We want to establish how our characters (especially our MC) look from the beginning. It feels important to us because we have a clear view of them that we want to give our readers. Unfortunately, most people stumble into a bad habit early on in their writing of making a list and it sticks out like a sore thumb.

The laundry list.

Maryanne stopped to check her reflection as she headed out the door. Glossy chestnut hair, dark almond shaped eyes with a fringe of black lashes, plump rose bud lips, on top of a lean frame with no hips. Shrugging at the image, she grabbed her keys and ran out the door.

Oh please do not.

This does several things that damages your story.

  1. It cuts away from whatever action you start with.
  2. it is disrupts the voice.
  3. It is unrealistic.

When was the last time you looked in…

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