Leave yourself a trail of bread crumbs

LCW Allingham

One of the tools I love to use is leaving clues for my characters (and myself). I have no idea where these clues will lead. I just put them in there as they come up and hope they’ll turn into something.

We’ve established I’m more of a “fly be the seat of your pants” writer than a carefully plotted and outlined writer. I do outline, but it’s usually more as I go along and after I’ve established the tone of the story, but these clues come up as I’m writing and I leave them there to flutter in the wind.

Why do i do this?

Well, I like revelations in my stories. I like  mysteries. I like big flapping loose ends that end up tying the whole story together in a surprising way. And the most effective way to do this is to surprise myself.

In my most recent work…

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Forcing words

I have been pretty quiet the last month. Aside from the blog, I haven't been posting much on twitter or writing much on my novels. After the flood of inspired writing that took me to the end of "Patroness", the waters slowed to a trickle and then stopped altogether. In that past I have raged... Continue Reading →

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