International Women’s Day, Strong women in Literature

The climate has changed a lot since I posted this last year. I hope next year sees some remarkable breakthrough in women’s rights and more tolerance and understanding in the world.

L.C.W. Allingham

The concept of a strong female character might seem like a new thing, but if you look through out the history of writing, you will see that it is not. Strong women have graced the pages (and stone tablets) of literature since the dawn of the written word. Strong women are not a novelty. Don’t believe me? Here’s my list.

1.Jane Eyre

You knew this was coming right? Jane is humble, quiet and, at times, very unsure of herself, but her strength of character is unyielding. She stands up to the headmaster at her school. She refuses to be a mistress to Mr. Rochester and refuses to marry Mr. St. John, despite her affection for him and his family, because she doesn’t love him. She is willing to live penniless as long as it is on her own terms.

2. Rhiannon

In early Welsh mythology, the Mabinogi, Rhiannon is a…

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