20 ways to have a good writing day (when you’re not really writing)

L.C.W. Allingham

When I wasn’t writing, I was still working. And I still had some great days as a writer.

Part of it was not freaking out about my lack of inspired fiction writing like I have in the past. I seem to always sort of hit a lull in October/November (Damn your timing NaNoWriMo!) and it picks up again in the late winter, early spring. I also have dealt with a little bit of trauma this year and I had to rebuild the creative reserves I needed to use for that.

So, for your benefit, here are some ways to have a good writing day that don’t require much writing at all.

  1. Your twitter writing hashtag contribution gets more favorites that usual.
  2. You got a query out
  3. You read an awesome book that inspired you.
  4. You read a terrible book and knew you could write something better.
  5. You figured out how…

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