Just a little Tuesday Tip: Creating is the best

We all spin our tires. We all get bogged down with fear or rejection or the "reality" of what it means to pursue a creative career. It can be nasty. It can be incredibly discouraging when you look at the big picture, when you have 385 pages to edit. When you are just punching out... Continue Reading →

Stuck plot? Drop a bomb

Apparently I'm not alone in running out of steam in the middle of a manuscript. I have been trying to force my way through a sticky patch somewhere in the middle for the last couple weeks and coming up with nothing, so I was reading a few articles last night that commiserated with my plight.... Continue Reading →

Strong Female Characters: Fact vs Fiction

LCW Allingham

“”So, why do you always write these strong women characters?”
“Because you’re still asking me that question. “”-Joss Whedon

They’re all the rage. Run a search and you will find hundreds of articles on how to write them. We all want to create a Katniss or a Buffy or an Arya. We like our women strong, or at least we think we do. For every Katniss there are 12 Bellas and every Buffy there are 200 Lana Langs. In tv and fiction these days there are more weak female characters that we are told are strong than those who possess that actual qualities we seem to want.

So how do you tell the difference?

Isn’t is kinda amazing that we, as a society, don’t yet know?

It’s because we’re dazzled with flash and glitz and drama and a few broken rules. A strong character doesn’t need to wield a sword…

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Grammar Shmammar

I'm not sure if you've noticed. My grammar isn't perfect in my writing. Sometimes I use an apostrophe after a possessive "its" or (gasp) type out the dreaded "your" when I mean "you're". I also frequently confuse my laids and lays and lies. These kind of grammar mistakes used to keep me from sharing my... Continue Reading →

20 ways to have a good writing day (when you’re not really writing)

LCW Allingham

When I wasn’t writing, I was still working. And I still had some great days as a writer.

Part of it was not freaking out about my lack of inspired fiction writing like I have in the past. I seem to always sort of hit a lull in October/November (Damn your timing NaNoWriMo!) and it picks up again in the late winter, early spring. I also have dealt with a little bit of trauma this year and I had to rebuild the creative reserves I needed to use for that.

So, for your benefit, here are some ways to have a good writing day that don’t require much writing at all.

  1. Your twitter writing hashtag contribution gets more favorites that usual.
  2. You got a query out
  3. You read an awesome book that inspired you.
  4. You read a terrible book and knew you could write something better.
  5. You figured out how…

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When you decide you can’t fail

While my creative energy is going into my current novel, I wanted to share this again. Keep writing friends!

LCW Allingham

Writers are notoriously pessimistic, and for good reason. It is effing hard to publish a book, no matter which route you take. First you spend months, years, decades even writing a novel, than you edit the hell out of it for more months, years, decades. Then you pick a publishing path and go down it and that, unfortunately can be and often is the most crushing of all.

If it’s your first novel or your second novel or sometimes even your twelfth, well shit, you might have to swallow a nasty big pill that it’s just not that good. And how discouraging is that when you’ve bleed your creative blood into that book for so long?

I did it. I gave up. After I realized the novel I had been writing and editing since college was just not going to get cleaned up like I wanted it to, I had…

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Just a little blogging break

It's been a little longer than I like to go, but blogging has been on the back burner recently while I forge ahead with my newest manuscript. I think I'm about half way through and I am really excited to see where it leads me. So I will be back with lots of interesting things... Continue Reading →

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