Talking about myself

I have no problem weaving my opinions and past experience into my writing here. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but when the subject is me, as in writing a bio or discussing myself as a writer (or as a Lindsey) with someone in person, I kinda clam up.

Going through out my day, I have many brilliant thoughts and many stupid ones, more than a few that are just bizarre (this is why I write I think) and I would generally say I like what’s going on in my head and think it’s a pretty interesting place to be.

But if someone asks me to tell them about myself, suddenly I forget all the things I would normally share in an organic back and forth conversation.

“So Lindsey, tell me about yourself.

“Um… I like pasta?”

It actually has made for some really awkward conversations and I’m not quite sure what my problem is.

So, writing a bio for the blog or for queries or really any other professional related venture is a constant work in progress and source of frustration.

I tried asking my mom to write my bio for me. It was very nice, but very much sounded like something a mom would write about her daughter.

“Lindsey is a beautiful and talented woman with a creative mind….”

Flattering, sure, but I’m not really feeling it. Although, thank you, Mom.

I’ve read other author’s bios and they are hysterical or extremely polished. And I’m jealous. I like to consider myself kinda funny, at least in a geeky, awkward and unexpected way, but funny in my work and my conversation flows naturally. If I’m try, the geeky and unexpected drop away, leaving only the awkward with a big dollop of contrived heaped on top.

I can go on and on, breaking down the characters of my favorite books and shows, but giving a short summary of myself? Well, put on the spot, all I can remember about myself if that I like pasta. I like some things. I’m pretty tall.

So, please tell me, how do you write your bios? What are some tips you can share?

Do you enjoy pasta as much as I do?


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