20 ways to have a good writing day (when you’re not really writing)

When I wasn’t writing, I was still working. And I still had some great days as a writer.

Part of it was not freaking out about my lack of inspired fiction writing like I have in the past. I seem to always sort of hit a lull in October/November (Damn your timing NaNoWriMo!) and it picks up again in the late winter, early spring. I also have dealt with a little bit of trauma this year and I had to rebuild the creative reserves I needed to use for that.

So, for your benefit, here are some ways to have a good writing day that don’t require much writing at all.

  1. Your twitter writing hashtag contribution gets more favorites that usual.
  2. You got a query out
  3. You read an awesome book that inspired you.
  4. You read a terrible book and knew you could write something better.
  5. You figured out how to fix a problem scene while taking a walk.
  6. Your hilarious facebook status got 25 likes.
  7. You got a verbal compliment on your writing.
  8. You met another awesome writer.
  9. You read an article that gave you some insight on improving your work.
  10. You got an agent or publisher favorite in a twitter pitch party.
  11. You realized you just love writing and you’re going to keep at it no matter what.
  12. You composed a haiku about sloppy joes that is pretty brilliant.
  13. You gave another writer a sincere compliment on their work.
  14. You started to call yourself a writer instead of an aspiring writer.
  15. You got a request to read your work.
  16. You determined the perfect wine for writing horror.
  17. You got a great idea for a new story.
  18. You helped another writer out.
  19. You found the perfect place to submit.
  20. You decided you got this, no matter how much work it takes, how much time it takes, you’re gonna make it.

Go you.


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