It’s not enough to create a character. You need to know them.

I'm on a new project, a return to dark horror, and by dark I mean really dark. It's actually been giving me nightmares when I go to bed after writing. But I hit a roadblock a few nights ago, after a big scene, because I wasn't sure what my character would do. I knew what... Continue Reading →

Tell me what is wrong.

When we writers start out, we really just want to hear how good we are. If we don't hear it enough, sometimes we quit. If we don't quit, then our mindset starts to shift. At some point, you're going to love hearing that people love your story, but what you are going to be looking... Continue Reading →

Unlucky 13? An Ancient Smear campaign

It's Friday the 13th! Hide under your beds! Lock your black cat in the basement and stay away from mirrors! Don't step on any cracks, walk under any ladders, or say Bloody Mary three times in the mirror because... because why? Thirteen is unlucky! Why? Umm... Well, I've heard it's unlucky because Judas was he... Continue Reading →

Talking about myself

I have no problem weaving my opinions and past experience into my writing here. I'm sure you've noticed, but when the subject is me, as in writing a bio or discussing myself as a writer (or as a Lindsey) with someone in person, I kinda clam up. Going through out my day, I have many... Continue Reading →

Plot comes first

Writers are explorers. Explorers of the mind, explorers of the world, the universe, the alternate universes. Chasers of What ifs and How could this be. And it is really pretty excellent. But sometimes we get so lost in our explorations on paper, that we forget we are there to tell a story. Have you ever... Continue Reading →

One Year Ago: David Bowie; a character who created himself

Today is the Anniversary of David Bowie’s death. Through out this past year, he has continued to inspire me. Still miss you Mr. Bowie.

LCW Allingham

Today I awoke to the news. I usually am not too affected by celebrity deaths but the loss of David Bowie affected me profoundly. As a child, he introduced me to the concept of sex appeal as Jareth the Goblin King, as a teenager he provided me with a safe retreat for my own weird thoughts. In college he charged me with rock and roll and later inspired my own music and writing.

He has been a dear friend to me without ever knowing me. A man so cool we could believe he was an alien, a goblin king, a tragic hero, a vampire, strange aristocracy.

He changed his image frequently and perfectly, settling at last as the rock and roll and fashion icon he’d been all along. All of his incarnations had their own story, a hero or a villain or something in between of books we never read…

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