Are there too many aspiring writers for you to succeed?

When you start looking into the writing community, one of the first things you might think is, “Oh cool. Lots of people who get my struggle.” The second thing might be “Oh Crap, If there are this many people trying to make it, what are the odds that I will?”

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged. There are so many authors out there trying to get their book noticed that you might feel like a drop of water in the ocean. Trying to get your work noticed by overwhelmed agents and publishers who are constantly reminding us of how many people submit to them ever day seems like an impossible task.

The internet has made it easier for people to write and it has made it easier for people to submit. There is no doubt about that. Once upon a time, after I finished my first novel, I had to print out the entire manuscript and send it, by mail, to a publisher. Just that simple act deterred me from doing it more than once.

Man, the good old days.

So many people have more time than me to dedicate to this. So many people have more money than me to put into better editors and writers conferences. So many more people have more talent than me. Are better salesmen than me. Have more credentials than me. I know because I see it everywhere all the time.

I should just give up.

Well, that’s the first way to weed out the garden. But its not really the best.

The thing is, when you really get down to it, the real question you want to ask yourself is:

Can we ever actually have Too Many Books?

Now, your knee jerk answer might be “YES! Absolutely! Too many books means that even if mine gets published, it will still be a drop of water in a slightly smaller ocean!”

And I get it. But on the other hand, the saturated market has given rise to the refinement of niches. That means that a reader who loves Gothic southern horror doesn’t have to sort through psychological horror and paranormal horror to find exactly the kind of stories they want and the writers of Southern Gothic Horror have an audience who knows exactly where to find them and is waiting eagerly for their work.

Yes. Your readers are there and they are waiting for you.

Furthermore, the average reader reads 15-30 books a year. That’s the average. There are plenty of avid readers who read between 50-100 books a year. They are also waiting for your work. They are looking for something new. They are loving being the first to review a new writer.

Or they stick with their favorite and they wouldn’t want you anyway. No harm. No foul.

So, No. In my opinion there can never be too many books any more than there can be too much pasta. Like a really good bowl of Penne with Rosa Vodka sauce, readers consume books and are always looking for more.

For this reason I do not think there are too many writers trying to make it. Everyone has a unique voice. A unique take. New ideas and subjects should be celebrated, encouraged and sought out.

Keep going writing friends. I hope to see all your books on my kindle someday.


4 thoughts on “Are there too many aspiring writers for you to succeed?

  1. The reader in me nearly had a heart attack when you implied that there could be such a thing as too many books. Too many books is like too much chocolate, it just can’t happen. And just because I might not want to read a certain book today doesn’t mean I don’t want to read it later.

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