Writing again!

Last spring I was unstoppable. I wrote "Summer's Circle" in a month and was well underway with a second novel when bad news came along and.. stopped me. Since then I've been puttering around. Editing a little. Writing a few lines here and there. I managed to string together my first short story in years.... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Ms Fisher

The sad news is in. The great Carrie Fisher has passed away leaving a legacy of four decades of great films and iconic characters. But Fisher was more than just her roles. She was an advocate for addicts and mental health. She was an author. And she was a sharp and witty woman who spoke... Continue Reading →

The sequence of events

Today I woke up to a trail of trash running from my kitchen, through the dining room, across the living room, down the steps, through the family room and piled in a disgusting crescent around the unlocked crate of my dog, Verdi, who was peacefully sleeping off her night of binge eating. I latched her... Continue Reading →

Guest Bloggers coming up!

Hello All! I hope the holidays aren't driving you crazy and your writing is going well. I am excited to announce that in the upcoming weeks I have several guest bloggers lined up with their unique perspectives on this twisty path we call writing. Members of my super awesome wicked cool writing group will be... Continue Reading →

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