Fuck addiction

Here’s an old poem of mine that needs to be posted today

The Devil’s Games

Most of us have flirted,

caught a whiff of his cologne,

maybe even dwelling in his gardens for a spell

But the devil, he’s tricky,

and his potions are tempting.

The higher you fly the closer you come to hell.

Oh my dear friend,

you understand my protest

when I found you sleeping in the devil’s bed

For although I miss his kiss

I ran away

because I feared the place to where it led.

Oh my old friend,

I thought you knew

he charges a fee to sit on his lap.

When you have no more

he makes you his whore.

Oh darling, I though you knew of the trap.

You’re too naive

to think that you are strong enough

you could beat him at his own game.

He suffocates you with poison

He shits into your veins.

You fly, you scream, you stumble

and then, the devil has you tamed


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