As far as I can go on my own

I like to learn by mistakes.

That’s a total lie. I hate making mistakes, suffering set backs, not getting things right the first time (or the 18th), but I seem to learn best by failing and I have come to embrace that. I have failed my entire writing career. I am a much better writer for it, and much more willing to take chances.

Now I have reached the impasse with my novel. There is something I am not seeing, something my beta readers haven’t brought up, something my writing groups haven’t noted and it needs to be fixed.

And I can’t do it by myself this time.

I know I could go through it and clean it up a bit more. Tighten it a little more. Cut a few more erroneous lines. But I could do this until the end of time and never touch on what is making my book something that the industry does not want.

So I’ve been shopping for editors. It’s time to let a profession do their job on my baby. And as nervous as I am, I am so freaking excited too. An editor feels like a luxury, an upgrade for my novel.

I never assumed I could do this all on my own, but I certainly tried really hard to. Now that I’ve reached the end of that point I have the choice to shelve the book, self or small publish it as is, or ask for help making it as great as I think it can be.

I will be writing more about the editors I will be working with in the future, after I lock them down. I’ve gotten a sample edit from them already and I got chills reading it.

Wish me luck!


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