End of Summer Review

At points I feel like I am stagnant. Nothing seems to be changing, nothing seems to be moving. During these times it’s a good practice to do a review of everything that’s happened the past season.

As I am currently not writing anything and still in a holding pattern with agents and editors, I need to look back and remind myself how much has gone on since the beginning of the summer.

I had a serious surgery the day after Memorial Day. I got so much work done during that month while i recovered. I researched and queried tons of agents, I did a first draft edit and I got really comfortable with rejection. I got my first request for a partial. That was all June.

July I was cleared to drive and lift my children again and getting back into the swing of that was challenging, especially because I was still sore and adjusting to the after affects of the surgery, and my kids were home full time with no school so it was immediate chaos. I went to a wedding across the state, I actually managed to forget all about the queries I had out for a while and when more rejections came in, I was completely able to move on. The amount of queries I sent out trickled down but I got a request for a full. Yay.

August was literally too busy to do much. Birthdays, vacations, super awesome drama (not) and more time with visiting family. I did get back to my writing group and met some totally awesome new people and got some great feedback on my new manuscript. Actually, that was pretty huge. My writing group went from being monthly to weekly so I am able to meet up with other writers once a week and talk writing and that always feels kinda awesome. I may collaborate with one of the authors in the group in the future and I am close to collecting enough feedback on “Summer’s Circle” that I could be ready to start second round edits soon.

Do I have a book deal? Not yet. But I have been logging the hours and doing the work and I’d have to say, in retrospect, this summer has been really productive!


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