How do I know I want to do this?

Let’s face it, being a writer can be brutal. The time, the rejections, the criticism, the skepticism from friends and family when you tell them you are working on getting published. Writers, and all artists really, spend alot of time feeling very vulnerable and suffer alot of heartbreaks due to their work.

So why do it? I mean, okay, you like writing. So write. And then tuck it away and maybe read it to yourself from time to time. But why put it out there? Why harden yourself enough to withstand group critiques and agent and publisher rejections, bad reviews and just plain old failure?

There are many paths ahead of me in my life right now. I have many great and beautiful things going on. How do i know I want to take this path, do this thing when there are so many pitfalls and so few guarantees?

I’ve written before about why we write, why we create. I solidly believe its because we have to. It is a compulsion. But the reason I WANT to do it?

Because it feels amazing.

Yes. Even with the rejections and criticism and the skepticism about my life goals, it feels so good to see a story, your story unfold in front of your eyes, to see loose ends tie themselves together. It feels so good to go to bed after writing an amazing revaluation. It feels so good to write the end.

And it continues! It feels good to have a reader, any reader respond to your work, to ask the questions you wanted them to ask, to gasp of the revelations you have revealed. It feels so good to have them feel what you felt about your characters, or even something totally unique. It feels good to have your story take on a life of it’s own in the hearts and minds of readers in your crit group, your friends, and on goodreads. When another author tells me her or she likes your work, oh hell yes.

It can hurt. It can really devastate you but so much of it feels wonderful, puts your on the top of the world, and as you continue to work it, to move forward the potential for the feeling only increases.

I write because I have to. I want to do this as my life’s work because at it’s best, it is the best thing in the world.



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