Why do you write what you write?

When I graduated from journalism school I interviewed for a few local papers. I wrote a few freelance articles.

Instead of journalism I found myself working in graphic design. I liked the work. It made sense to me and allowed me to be creative, something school board articles didn’t have alot of room for. At some point I gave up on journalism as a career altogether, although I still write the occasion article when the mood strikes me. I am not inspired to follow leads, at least not modern ones and I am not particularly interested in sifting out the facts, at least not in a way that is appropriate for modern journalism.

I write fiction. Particularly fantasy, horror, sci fi and spec fic. Occasionally I write poetry. I write music. That’s what I am compelled to write. That is what I want to pursue. That is where my best work lies.

Why? Well, that’s what I’ve always been most interested in reading. That’s the easy answer. The harder answer?

I write horror because it gives me control over my fears.I grew up supremely frightened of the monsters under my bed. If I create those monsters I can also destroy them.

I write fantasy/sci fi and spec fic because they stretch my mind, they provide me with a forum to answer all of the what if questions that are constantly running through my mind. They allow me a place to illustrate my own personal truths, set on a stage that isn’t as threatening as the real world (even if there are shadow parasites).

I write about these things because I think about these things, at length, and enjoy doing it and because they’re not real or quite so upsetting as things like politics.

So I am curious, writer friends, why do you write what you write?


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