Am I just imagining this?

The last time something unbelievable but very tangible happened to you, you might have come at it with some skepticism. You might have wondered what the catch was. But did you actually pinch yourself and later insist you must have been imagining it? I am currently having a hard time reading a good book. It's... Continue Reading →

Better get started now

I see it frequently. I lived it myself. People toil away at their jobs they hate and clutch to their dreams, keeping them tucked away secret and safe. They imagine a day when things will just fall into place, someone will stumble across their work and give them the career they want. So years pass... Continue Reading →

How do I know I want to do this?

Let's face it, being a writer can be brutal. The time, the rejections, the criticism, the skepticism from friends and family when you tell them you are working on getting published. Writers, and all artists really, spend alot of time feeling very vulnerable and suffer alot of heartbreaks due to their work. So why do... Continue Reading →


Themes. Be careful what you wish for. Love will find a way. It's always darkest before the dawn. Oh wait, are those themes or cliches? I remember back in high school English themes were all the rage. Kafka, Hemingway, Plath, all very theme oriented writers. But what about modern writers? What is the theme of... Continue Reading →

Why do you write what you write?

When I graduated from journalism school I interviewed for a few local papers. I wrote a few freelance articles. Instead of journalism I found myself working in graphic design. I liked the work. It made sense to me and allowed me to be creative, something school board articles didn't have alot of room for. At... Continue Reading →

When you decide you can’t fail

Writers are notoriously pessimistic, and for good reason. It is effing hard to publish a book, no matter which route you take. First you spend months, years, decades even writing a novel, than you edit the hell out of it for more months, years, decades. Then you pick a publishing path and go down it... Continue Reading →

Prologue hate, what to do?

To be totally honest, when I first heard that many agents HATE prologues I kinda rolled my eyes. Oh great, something else to nitpick over. But when I read up on it a little more I got it, sorta. Agents and editors  must be incredibly discerning and prologues, unfortunately, are often done wrong. This is... Continue Reading →

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