An experiment in short storying

I believe I have mentioned I have a hard time writing short stories, which is disapointing because  there are so many great opportunities available for short story writers. the least not being some credits to your name.

Last night I was reviewing some notes and came across a novel idea I had hastily scrawled out as not to lose it. It wasn’t a bad idea. creepy, dark, but still undeveloped for a whole novel.

Then it occurred to me, maybe instead of trying to weave it into something expansive, i should just run with it and let it stay as simple as it was. Maybe I had a real short story idea. So I tested the waters and sure enough it stuck.

So I’m looking at all these ideas I have that aren’t moving yet. Even the ones that started out as novels but didn’t get past the first chapter. I’m gonna see what can be pared down and what can be fleshed out. I’m hoping to have some real work ahead of me and some real results in a month or two. Maybe I’ll even share some here.

The best part about it all though is that I am writing again. It’s been two months and my muse is finally back.

Happy July!


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