Your book is your baby, a comparison study

I am a mother. I have two human children.

I am a book mother. I have several finished manuscripts with lots and lots of fictional humans that I made.

Now, before anyone gets upset, I know my human children are actual children and therefore more important than my fictional children, or my books.

BUT… after i saved my children from a fire, I would probably run back in for my laptop. Just saying.

Anyway… as with my human children who i carried in my womb as opposed to my brain, I want the best for my book babies. And I imagine you do to. So lets compare.

Conception to Birth: Some book parents plan the birth of their book down to the most minute detail. Some just go with the flow and pick up things as they need them. Let not have book parent wars. We all book parent in our own way (lets not get started on formula feeding your book, okay?)

Rearing: Some parents coddle their book babies and don’t let anyone read them no matter how they might edit. Some push their book babies out into the world too early and they get damaged in critiquing sessions. It’s a fine balance.

Education: Homeschool or Boarding school? Who is going to clean your book up and make them ready for the world? Can you do all the edits yourself? Sure, especially if money constraints demand it, but if you can afford a good editor, you will give your book the advantage.

College: Self Publish, Small press or Traditional Publish. We all want our books to have the very best and we all have different ideas on how that comes to be. There is no formula that says one route guarantees your book baby will be accepted into the world and make a difference, but each book parent works with their book to decide which publication is the right way to go for them.

Graduation: Publication day. The release party, the reviews, the buzz. The world is your book baby’s oyster and you are an emotional wreck. You did it. You’re baby is out in the world. You will continue to push it and advocate for it but now it is going to move forward on it’s own steam and you should be proud of yourself.


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