Reading until the Muse comes back

It’s been about two months since bad news tore the wind out of my writing sails. I have tried all manner of inspiration. Unfortunately, I am still having a hard time even writing the blog at this point. I can edit but I cannot create. And it is really pretty upsetting.

But all is not lost. Because while I can’t seem to write much, I still want the story and I am using the time to read everything.

I started with books that were just on my list but after I made it through them I moved on to the books on the lists of agents I was querying, books that are on the best sellers lists in my genres, books that I keep seeing mentioned again and again.

I’m not reading just for pleasure. I’m reading for research. I’m seeing what is out there, what people want, what methods other authors are using to tell their stories. I have to admit, while being unable to write a sentence for any of my unfinished works is really frustrating, this is necessary and helpful work (and yes, I am enjoying it).

And while I still got nothing to write, the well is being restored, slowly. When I get back to the work, I will have some fresh ideas and new methods. it is time well spent.


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