Creative ways to boost creativity

There are plenty of practical suggestions for how to get over writers block or bust through a problem area in a piece you’re working on. Sometimes they even work. but if you are a creative writer, maybe you don’t want to be so practical. Or maybe you know expanding your mind and groping out into the unknown is a great way to get interesting results.

So if you are coming up against a brick wall and instead of getting a latter or walking around it or doing something normal like that, you’d rather conjure a vortex or transport to the other side, try some of these more creative suggestions.

  1. Essential Oils- They’re all the rage and you can even get your own EO dealer who will tell you what blends to use for what. Right now I’m using Eucalyptus and Lemon oil in my diffuser and I got a query request. So there.
  2. Gemstones – Blue Topaz is the stone for writers, but amazonite can boost creativity and labradorite can help you come up with new ideas.
  3. Chakra clearing – Have you considered that your energy is blocked? Maybe you should and then do something about it. Reiki, Prantic or any other energy work can help you clear the chakras, especially the throat and third eye which will help the ideas flow more freely and your ability to express them come easily.
  4. Meditation – You can do it outside, in a dark room, locked in the bathroom where your kids won’t find your- wherever, but turning on some soothing music, focusing on your breathing and trying to let your mind clear is a excellent way to get the wheels turning again on a project.
  5. Mantra chanting – I don’t really know much about this but I know you can do it on youtube. Look up mantra’s for creativity or focus or whatever and you will find plenty of options to choose from.

Do you have any unconventional ways of jump-starting your creativity? Please share them!


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