Grumbles from a bedridden author

I am still bed bound, mostly. First round edits on “Summer’s Circle” are progressing which is very good because otherwise I am still creatively tapped out.

So while I generally try to be optimistic and supportive, today I am going to vent just a little. These are things that are irritating me at the moment.

  1. The suggestion to pitch your work as a cross between X and Y. How about my work is just a cross between my work and my work?
  2. My dogs make as much of a mess as my kids. So it’s like having four kids in the house and at least one of them poops on the floor.
  3. Reading the second book of a sequel and realizing that all the work the author put into the first book did not go into any of the others in the series. This just happened with a series by a very famous, awarded author. So disappointing.
  4. After surgery, you have to choose between pain killers and wine. I know, it’s just good sense, but it just doesn’t seem very fair.
  5. VERY SPECIFIC GENRES when my stories don’t fit into even one broad genre. And hearing back from someone saying “Sorry I don’t do fantasy” even though my work was pitched as “horror with certain fantasy elements”.
  6. Two more friends of mine published this week. I am so proud for them and really really jealous. But mostly proud. Mostly.
  7. The conundrum that publishers and agents want unique work but they are afraid to take anything there isn’t a market for. Boo.
  8. The mild feminist rage I am feeling right about about a handful of world and personal issues.
  9. My twitter tailored trends is no longer showing me writing related hashtags and trends. I’m getting lots of sports stuff. Obviously there is a huge malfunction somewhere but I don’t know how to fix it.
  10. “Summer’s Circle” is as quietly disturbing and interesting as I hoped, now that I’m giving it the first read through. I hope it doesn’t take me a year to edit.

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