Does your story have a point?

When my five year old tells me a story, so every ten minutes, they usually are structured like this:

Character introduction- thing happens- thing happens – character change- plot twist – scene change – character name change – new characters introduced – total change in plot/scene/characters/everything – mommy gets a little impatient and stops listening

It’s not that he isn’t creative or even interesting. It is that his stories don’t ever really end, and more particularly, his stories have no point what so ever.

Recently I’ve been coming across some movies and books that don’t seem to have much of a point either. Or maybe I’m just missing the point. Either way, the result is similar to when my son tells a story.

I get impatient and stop listening.

Now here’s the disclaimer: I may not be your target audience. You don’t have a write a damned thing for me.

But if you think upon your story you should be able to determine the following and they should also be clear to your reader:

  1. What is the theme?
  2. Why did you write this story?
  3. What purpose does it serve?

The answer might the same for all these questions or it might be different but each question needs an answer or your story is dangerously close to being pointless.

What books and movies have you wondered about the point of? Have you ever had trouble with your own work? Please share below!



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