Bring on the rejections!

It’s been three months since I started querying. Do you know how many rejections I’ve received since then before this week?


and it was a knee jerk, immediate rejection that came a half day after I sent the query so it hardly counted.

I’ve been sending out queries in regular increments. I have enough out there in the world to believe it reasonable to hear something. I finally started using Query Tracker a few weeks ago and was able to look up the average response time for each of the agents I sent out to. (FYI, if you aren’t using this site, stop. This makes the process so much easier).

My oldest query was 92 days old, and I hadn’t received a word from anyone. You know what’s more discouraging that a slew of rejections? Absolutely nothing. It makes it feel like you’re just floating in oblivion, not even worth a form response. Like the agent saw your subject header and was like “Eff this query, I ain’t got time for stupid titles.”

So this week I suddenly received two form rejections and you know what? It was kinda exciting. It feels like my project has become unstuck. It’s moving. It’s being seen. Sure, no one wants it yet, but that’s just a matter of time. At least it’s not floating anymore.

So bring on the rejections, and maybe just maybe within them there will be some solid advice, some recommendation for a change, and even a request for more.

In the mean time, I am bedridden and forcing myself to start edits on “Summer’s Circle”.

Because nothing will inspire me to heal like being stuck with edits.


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