How to publish a children’s book?


I am sure I am being naive. I know what is involved in publishing an adult novel (and how very very hard it can be) but yesterday, while playing with my daughter I got a flash of inspiration and wrote a first draft for a children’s book.

It’s pretty cute. It’s about dragons. It’s exactly the kind of story my kids would love and I would love to read them.

My minimal research in the children’s book industry said not to get the illustrations done yourself but as soon as I wrote the first draft, I knew I wanted to collaborate with my mother Patricia Allingham Carlson.

Her vivid colors and fantastic style is all I can see for this book. So I know if I pursue publication I may need to go a non-traditional route.

But aside from that, nope. I don’t know a thing. Can anyone help out?


7 thoughts on “How to publish a children’s book?

  1. My sister and I are collaborating in a children’s book. I’ve done a bit of research and it seems that the traditional route is damn near impossible. The problem with self-pub is that often the book formats aren’t those nice, big, wide sort of formats that you want and find on the bookshelf in the library. Very limiting.

    There are people selling boot camps and other guides out there to help you break in. there is also an association that advocates for children’s authors and illustrators (I’m on my phone so i cant include the link right now. I can add when i get back to my computer) My sister says you might be able to make an app or something with a children’s story. We are looking into that with our story.

    So, bottom line: not easy, but possible. Non-traditional comes with limitations. Thinking outside the box may yield more headway.

    But that is me and my VERY non-expert contribution. I am looking forward to reading other comments!


  2. I wish you all the best on your endeavor. Children’s books are so fun to write. I don’t have much advice to offer, however, since I am on the same journey. I too am collaborating with my chosen artist. Right now we are contemplating a digital release first based on a poll we did. I’ve had a bit of fun playing around with Kindle’s Kids Book Creator. But we are still in the deciding which direction to move stage.


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