#WQWWC – Change

As change and I are currently shacking up together, I thought I should jump back into the Writers Quote Wednesday Challenge this week after taking some time off.WQWchange

The changes in my life right now are not what I would choose for myself. Not what I would choose for anyone, but I have come to believe that in order to make room for good changes, bad things must sometimes happy. Things must be lost in order for better things to be found.

Some people constantly seek out change, believing it heralds some sort of brighter tomorrow. They change their hair, they change their home, they change partners and ideologies and possessions. They are seekers and what they seek is somewhere to belong, a lasting state of happiness, an image or thing that is going to make them comfortable with themselves.

I learned a while ago that all those things can only exist within ourselves. If we cannot still our hearts to accept and examine who we are at the core, we will never fully belong anywhere, because we always take this body, this soul of ours with us.

Some people avoid change at all costs. They keep rigid schedules, they go to the same places. When progress is suggested they fall back on the idea that “we’ve always done it this way.” To these people change of any kind is a threat. Comfort is the great distraction. Even with the potential of great joy, the risk of losing a familiar comfort can deter any and all progress.

The truth, as I see it, is this. Change itself is neither good or bad. It just is. What is exciting or terrifying about it is what ushers it in. A promotions, yay! And illness, boo. Those are the things we seek and fear, but the change that comes of those things cannot be predicted or controlled. The promotion could end up putting you in a department you hate. The illness could provoke a lifestyle change that allows for strength and good health in the future.

What can be controlled is how we face the change.

I know my life is changing. I am scared. I accept that.

But I will not let it break me. If this must happen in this way, I am going to take as much from it as I can. I am going to examine myself, what I have done right, what I have done wrong. I am going to examine what I am losing and make peace with it. I am going to embrace the potential of what is to come.

I can be scared. I can be sad. I can choose to be optimistic anyway.

Change will come. Things will happen. I can fight the storm or I can focus on surviving the storm.

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Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Change”


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