First Blogiversary! Ten things

I made it a year! Yesterday was my best day for likes and this morning I hit 100 followers! Thank you to everyone who’s stopped by this past year and helped me get here.

For the first anniversary of this blog, I thought I’d share ten posts that were really important to me this past year.


1.Most popular post: Strong Female Characters: Fact vs Fiction

2. These authors were gracious enough to help me out, Guest Post: Author Fia Essen, Indie Author Interview: Caroline Peckham, and Featured Indie Author, Elsa Ward, author of “Finding Sanctuary”

3. I Finished the book! Of course I edited for another 9 months but this was huge after stops and starts for two years.

4. Then this happened last month. 84,500 words. 1 Month. Done. Bam

5. In between all this though, some crappy stuff happened and I reassessed my path, and the point of this blog. This poem was all I could muster at the time.

6. And later, I was shocked at how hard this hit me.

7. While I offer plenty of advice here, I also continue to learn. Mythcreants has been incredibly helpful to me, delving into issues I haven’t ever considered before with wit and some light snark.

8.My biggest challenges  Taking my own advice  and My Kids and my creativity

9. My most helpful and contributing blogging buddy Russell J. Fellows is taking some time off, but I want to give him a big thank you for his support.

10.  The best, most important thing I learned this year How to keep writing? Skip the boring parts

Overall, it has been an interesting year of growth.  I still have a ways to go but looking back over the year I realize I have learned so much and I can see the difference in my writing.

In the year ahead I’d like to connect with more writers and feature more of their work. I hope to be published myself. Right now I am dealing with an illness but I refuse to let it stop me. I hope some of my posts have been helpful to you, as so many writers I’ve connected with this year have been monumental in my own growth.

All the best, Lindsey


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