My best piece of advice when you are feeling low

This doesn’t only apply to writers, but as a writer it applies.

I’m at a stagnant point. Worse actually, because very upsetting news in my personal life has left me really really needing a win with my writing. But it hadn’t arrived yet. Optimism can be hard to come by at time when other things are not so great.

With the personal problems, my current project has also halted. The Muse is a fickle friend. So I’m not working. It’s okay. It’s happened before. But damn, I could use the distraction right now.

I’m not done though. I’m not closing up shop until this shit storm blows over. As with any job when the work load runs low and new projects aren’t coming in, I am trying to focus on other things.

I am reading. The best part of being a writer is you can read, you have to read, and it’s part of your job. How cool is that? Because I love reading, so much that I want to add to that love by giving other people things they would love to read.

But that’s not my advice. My awesome, super wise, really helpful advice.

Now that I’ve sufficiently built it up, are you ready?

When you feel low, build up people around you.

Now, I don’t mean put them on pedestals or build them up to be better than you in your mind or even to their faces. I just mean build them up. Support them. Honestly compliment them and their work. Congratulate them. Celebrate their victories with them and do it knowing that it does not, in the least, detract from your future success.

There is not a finite amount of success in the world.

Why? Because it means the world to those people. Because even from that low point where you are dwelling, you have power, real power to elevate people. And isn’t that amazing?

Because when you know that they heard it, felt it, that they appreciate your support, you won’t feel quite so low anymore. Because you can look at their success as something other than dumb luck or knowing someone and appreciate the hard work they put in toward accomplishing something.

And then you will find you are standing a little taller yourself. And maybe over that next steep hill is your victory. Or maybe it’s still beyond the horizon. But it’s there. And in the mean time, you made someones day, and that is one of the best victories we can claim.


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