Writing and Momming



A friend of mine posted this to my page a few weeks ago. I’ve seen it around a few times since then. I love it. As usual, Ms. Rowling hits the nail on the head as to what it means to be a mom and a writer.

I am not a single mom, but I am on the clock from 8 in the morning when the kids wake up (yes, I know I’m lucky) to 8 at night when they go to bed. Then I’m on call the other 12 hours. My husband is a wonderful father and partner, but if I am present, I am momming.

Every mom has to make sacrifices. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or dumb. Whether its hobbies, housework, a career, vacations, home cooked dinners, something has to give and moms are the one to give it.

For me, it’s sleep.

JK Rowling may have had a child that took long naps and played well by herself, but my son does neither and my daughter is very demanding when she is awake. And that is fine, however frustrating when I’m trying to blog. So while I can get housework done, sometimes, I cannot get writing done during mom work hours.

So when I need to get writing work done I avoid the tv. I pull up my files and I go. If my husband is watching something, sometimes I get sucked in, then I wait until he’s in bed too. If I’m getting alot done I go really late.

I used to beat myself up for it, dragging myself out of bed in the morning and cursing last night’s Lindsey for writing until two. But would I rather be well rested or a writer?

To me the answer it obvious. I was built to stay up late. I need to write.

So I drink my coffee, I am barely coherent as I serve my kids breakfast, I do the mom stuff and sometimes I drag but usually I can pull it off pretty well. I love being a mom. I love this time I have with my children. I look forward to the day that they are in school and I can work during the day.

Then I work until two the next morning.

I can’t do it all. But I can do these two things, pretty damned well.



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