Featured Indie Author, Elsa Ward, author of “Finding Sanctuary”

Author Elsa Ward lives in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. She has written articles, lyrics, short stories, and promotional pieces as well as having worked in child welfare, running a homeless shelter, a food pantry, a car program, and authoring parenting articles for examiner. Along with that she enjoys the harrowing, wonderful experience of parenting her five children. All those wonderful experiences drove her to write this book!



Finding Sanctuary is the tale of two children growing up in a scary world of the future filled with technology and danger. They intersect, bond, go their separate ways and meet again, only to break apart in a final conflict. How they handle their choices leads them to the lives they are destined to live. A good read and an interesting story full of action and emotion.

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iUniverse.

“Finding Sanctuary” is Elsa’s debut publication. Check in soon for an interview with the author about her indie publishing experiences and more about her exciting new book!


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