Thought it would be fun to join in on #Writer’sQuoteWednesday & #BeWow

Since I'm waist deep in editing, I can use a little inspiration. Fortunately I stumbled across Writers Quote Wednesday and BeWow. This weeks theme is Victor Hugo. Fitting as Les Miserables is one of my very favorite stories, being, in my opinion, the most poignant, naked and beautiful illustrations of faith and redemption in literature.... Continue Reading →

online writing workshop and what it has done for me

I was asked recently to contribute what my favorite online review site has meant to me and I thought it would be helpful to share it here as well. I discovered the online writing workshop for science fiction, fantasy and horror (OWW) on the website of one of my favorite authors, Cecilia Dart-Thorton as a... Continue Reading →

Now Available on Pre-Order

Check out Lela's latest book in e-book or now print! Mirklin Wood hit critical mass this weekend. It's been uploaded and is now available for pre-order with a publication date of March 15. The print book is almost ready to go as well. Source: Now Available on Pre-Order

The thing about editing

After much procrastination, I am finally back to my last round of edits and I'm pleased to discover it is not nearly as difficult as I anticipated. This is pretty much always the case when I actually get into editing, but every single time I'm looking at the task ahead of me, it seems overwhelming.... Continue Reading →

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