confessions of a winter hating writer

I’ll be honest here, I barely have the motivation to write this post. Winter just takes it out of me. I get through the holiday rush ready to jump into the new year with plans and projects and then I get cold.

I hate being cold.

The whole romance of winter, of snuggling into blankets and sipping hot chocolate is super cute for a day, but the reality is 9 degree nights and wind that makes my bones hurt even hunkered down in my warm house. It’s hard to put a silver lining on that.

But I’m going to try.

I am so damned close to finishing my edits. At least for now. All I have to do is sit down and do them.

But I caaaaan’t!

I want to. I really do. I even try, but just like that intensive work out routine and my plans to organize all the closets I just don’t have the motivation to keep going.

I would beat myself up and call myself mean names, but the truth is I’m over that. Especially for this. It’s a cycle, you see. A very natural one too.

I hibernate in the winter.

Every year I do this. I plan to get lots of stuff done while things are quiet in January and February and I just don’t. I have short bursts of productivity, but mostly I’m focused on my job as a mom, making good meals and surviving until the air doesn’t make me sad.

I have to accept it. It’s my natural cycle to hunker down in the winter and just try to keep warm. I don’t have alot of energy. I don’t have alot of motivation. It’s okay. Neither does the rest of the natural world.

So if I’m honest with myself, I may or may not get those edits done before the end of February, but I also can be sure that I will not only finish them in the spring, but I’ll also paint the house, organize the closets and the basement, finish a new first draft, and maybe even start using my elliptical again.

We all have cycles. Sometimes it’s okay to just go with them because maybe they exist to charge you up for what’s to come.

Stay Warm!


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