2015, A year in review

2015 marked the year I decided to put my fears aside and pursue my writing career will full force. I came out of the closet and called myself a writer for the first time. Not a wannabe writer. Not a someday writer. Not even an unpublished writer.

Occupation: Mom. Half-assed homemaker. Writer.

For years I felt like fraud calling myself a writer. I had no published novels. Sure I had written for a DIY website that paid me close to nothing. Sure I had published a few articles over the years. And yeah, I had won a few youth awards for short stories, but a writer?

Okay, I did dedicate a large portion of my free time to writing. But did that make me a writer?


I was standing in my own way.

A published novelist I was not.

A writer, however, that was a title I could certainly claim with no qualms.

And once I embraced that, stopped fearing judgement from myself, my peers, other writers, people on the streets, my dogs, my in laws, my son’s preschool teachers, that’s when the barriers fell away.

When I came out of the closet as a writer, started this blog, announced it to the world (or the facebook and twitter world at least) my ego stopped fighting me for creative control. I started getting down to serious editing. I felt comfortable sharing my knowledge with the world because I was being honest with myself about what I had to work on and what needed to be done.

This year has been rough. I did not accomplish all my goals. While “writer” is now in my job description, it still comes behind Mom and underqualified home maker and with a baby is just over a year now and an active four year old, a mortgage on a fixer upper, pets, and a desire to feed my family some nutritious stuff sometimes, the writing aspect frequently takes a back seat.

But I have accomplished so much more than I could have expected. In joining twitter, I have come into the writing community and found it to be supportive, talented and full of people facing the same struggles as me. On wordpress I have met talented writers with great knowledge to share. I am finishing the polished draft of my best work yet and feeling confident about 2016.

In 2015 I conquered my hangups.

It was a good year.


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