Christmas list for an unpublished writer

  1. manuscript- finished, edited, polished, formatted, printed and peer reviewed with no criticisms.
  2. A solid rough draft in the works.
  3. An awesome editor who gets my work
  4. A writing desk.
  5. A writing room.
  6. A writing retreat house.
  7. A couple hours a week without children/housework/chores/work when I can write.
  8. Inspiration to write
  9. Motivation to write
  10. Unlimited printer ink and paper
  11. Books to read
  12. No interuptions
  13. A muse
  14. A couple muses
  15. Lots and lots of coffee
  16. A writing buddy who is happy to be consulted any time of the day or night with odd random plot questions and wants nothing in return
  17. Pens that don’t run out of ink
  18. A shrink on speed dial who will assure me I am good enough and consult on a character’s behavior
  19. Wine
  20. Several hours/days of in the zone writing

You think Santa can help me with this?


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