So about that debut novel…

When I started this blog last spring, it was in anticipation of my indie novel release, optimistically scheduled for the summer. As in, the summer that ended back in August. As the blog description states, I am learning the ins of indie publishing. The lessons don’t really stop.

The biggest one, indie publishing is really difficult. In traditional publishing you have a team. An agent, an editor, a whatever else you have on your team, but all of them are emailing you. Bossing you around. Telling you what to change. Telling you what to cut. Telling you to get it done. Then doing a bunch of crap for you.

Indie publishing, its just you. And if you are holding down a job, raising kids or dogs or dealing with anything in life that requires your focus, it can be really hard to complete the work you need to complete, especially if you are doing all your own editing.

I want an editor for Christmas. Someone to just red pen the hell out of my manuscript and send it back to me with a yellow post-it on the front that says “Make this not suck by February 12”.

“The Fate of a Princess” is there there. Still waiting. I still intend to self publish it, but another project has taken my full attention and I have to complete it before I can give “Princess” the work it deserves. In the mean time, I’m still learning. And I’m still sharing. And if you want to get me a Christmas present, you know what’s on my list.


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