Taking my own advice

I have emphasized the importance of serious self editing since I started this blog. I have hit up various issues, pitfalls, and methods. I have outlined different ways to keep from getting discouraged.

But I am not taking my advice. I finished the first round of serious self edits a month ago on “The Silent Apocalypse” it was a huge accomplishment. It went out to beta readers. It went up on critique websites. I got feedback. I got what worked for people and what didn’t. Not all the crits were helpful but all of them together give me a pretty good look at what still needs work.

And I am putting it off.

A published author I spoke to recently said “It took me three whole weeks of working all day to edit my last work!”

Three weeks? That sounded like bliss to me. How did he get the first edits done and then collect all the outside reviews and then make all those changes in three weeks? At first, I was discouraged that other writers can do this task that takes me months in three weeks.

Then I realized he probably had his own editor who had already made the notes for him. He wasn’t waiting on twelve different people to get to his work. And it was his full time job. He wasn’t fitting it in after the kids went to sleep, working on his laptop next to his spouse while the game was on.

Someday writing will be my full time job. Someday my children will be in school and I will have a quiet space to work. Maybe I’ll have someone to clean my house too (a girl can dream).

I could wait for that time to crack down, to polish my work to publish, but I don’t want to.

No matter how discouraged I get with the time it takes me to edit, working on my writing, pursing my dream is not something I want to put on hold. And that means I need to stop making excuses. Stop letting the task of going back again and editing and rewriting AGAIN overwhelm me.

So its time to take my own advice. Edits aren’t personal. Edits are just part of the job. And with this round, maybe my manuscript will be ready.

Wish me luck!

What do you do to keep yourself motivated during the editing process?


4 thoughts on “Taking my own advice

  1. The only thing I ever write are blog posts, nothing more elaborate than that, but even so editing takes me an age. I think you’re right about your situation in comparison to that of the published author. Someone who has to write in their free time is going to take much longer than a professional writer with an editor to rely on. Here’s hoping that one day you get to be that professional writer. šŸ™‚

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