Real life Horror: Stranger than Fiction

Documented mysteries for Halloween.

Percy Shelly

The life of Frankenstein author was marred with tragedy, but none so devastating as the death of her husband and son during a boating accident. A week before Percy died, a maid was shocked to see him in the house when she’d just seen him walking outside. Percy went searching for the impostor and saw himself, standing on the porch. When Percy approached, the double pointed out over the water and then disappeared.

The Dayatlov Pass Incident

This one has received a bit of attention recently, along with a “found footage” movie about a film crew who set out to discover the mystery. There’s a good reason for this. It’s profoundly creepy and still unsolved today. In 1959 a group of experienced hikers set out on a ski trip through the mountain pass. They were found several days later without their clothes, laying in a circle. Faces were smashes, body parts missing, bones broken, and signs of burning that could be indicative of radiation but there was no sign of struggle.

The Poltergeist Movie Curse

Accidents and tragedy seemed to stalk the actors of the Poltergeist movies (my favorite horror movies btw). Set malfunctions that almost cost lives, odd experiences, real life hauntings and the untimely deaths of at least four starring actors, including young Heather O’Rourke who passed filming the final movie. Actor Will Sampson performed a real life exorcism on the set after it was discovered that real skeletons were being used as props.

Aokigahara, the Suicide Forest

This dense forest in Japan has many mythologies associated with it involving demons and monsters, but the truth is, for some reason is attracts about one hundred suicides a year. No one is really sure why but the problem is so prevalent that officials must frequently search the forest for bodies and have signs up urging people to seek psychiatric help and warning of the forest’s reputation.

Morgellons disease

A mysterious condition that receives very little but disdain from the medical community, Morgellons suffers deal with overwhelming itching and crawling in their skins. They develop painful lesions and find fibers under their skin. Doctors claim the fibers are from their clothing and the disease is entirely psychological but sufferers of the disorder swear the fibers are growing out of their skin and causing the condition.


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