Terrifying subjects that haven’t been done to death

If you’re a horror writer you know there are some subjects that have overwhelmed the market. Classic ghost and haunted house stories have to be spectacular to get anywhere today and Vampire stories are a dime a dozen (followed by werewolves and any other human-like supernatural being). So if you want to write some horror that hasn’t been seen, at least not in the same numbers, here are a few topics that I would love to see done in some excellent fiction.

Blood Rain:

Of course this sounds like any old sign of the apocalypse and Armageddon has been so done already, but blood rain is a real phenomena with alot of debate over what caused it.

Black-eyed Children

Supposedly people have reported encounters with children that run in groups and ask for entrance into a person’s car or house. The children have black eyes and get aggressive when they are denied.


Not like Smeagol, a Golem is a creature made of mud or earth and animated by a person who has an intention for them. They appear in Jewish mysticism and can do some serious evil without ever giving away their creator.

The Mandela Effect

This documented phenomena comes from a large group of people who specifically remember that Nelson Mandela died in prison and never was released to become president. There are internet groups that are dedicated to documenting all instances of “false memory” which include the spelling of the children’s book “The Bearnstain Bears” and other random items. Careful though, you may find that some of these false memories are ones you yourself have.


I think I may have seen Skinwalkers come up time to time, but I wouldn’t mind a really great horror story on this subject. Skinwalkers are a Native American monster who can change into an animal. While this sounds whimsical and fun, it is usually a curse that comes on for committing murder or incest.


Vortexes exist all over the world, credited for being portals to the afterlife, energy centers for UFO’s, paranormal hot spots and other things. They can appear and disappear in homes. There isn’t really a clear explanation for what they are or what they do but the creepy thing is that the effects of them are obvious even to the most skeptical.


In the old tales the fairies would constantly be trying to steal children and babies. When they managed to steal a baby from the crib, they would leave an odd fey creature in it’s place, sometimes conjured from a turnip. The changeling baby would then torment it’s new parents who had no choice but to try to accept the baby as theirs, even though they knew it was not.

Shadow people

Okay, Shadow people have been done, kinda… but not enough IMO. Give me something really terrifying about shadow people and I will be up all night.


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