An Apology

If you have read my blog, you have probably noticed some glaring typos. Some sloppy writing. If you’ve checked my bio, you may have noticed I was planning on launching my debut indie novel this summer (I have just edited this). I started this blog in the spring during a big rush of creativity and motivation. I had big plans. I still have them but reality makes them a bit harder to implement.

A writer writes and writes often. Unfortunately, if they are not in the extremely coveted situation of being able to write for a living, their passion must contest with full time jobs, school, housework, family obligations, schedules, and, in my case currently, raising little children. And even if a writer does have the time to write full time, life still gets in the way. Creative writing can be like find four leaf clovers. Some days you can find entire fields of them. Other times you can spend all day picking through patches and coming up short.

So first I want to thank my few readers. It is so encouraging to see a like or a comment on a blog.

And I want to apologize. Sometimes I glance over a blog and wince at some of my typos. I preach editing but I obviously do not do a great job editing my own blog. I determined a while ago it was better to just get it written, get it posted and rely on spellcheck to do my bare minimum editing, than to try and make it perfect. With a four year old chattering my ear off non-stop and a crawling baby trying to seek out every random crumb on the floor to eat, I do not always give the writing for this blog my full attention.

When I do have the energy and the time (after the kids are in bed) that attention goes to my novels, and currently, even they are not getting the love they need. “The Fate of a Princess” is waiting patiently for me to work out a plot problem and some health problems my family has dealt with this summer has blocked up my creativity. Most nights I would rather read than write while I recharge.

I’m sorry. I have 100 suggestions for jump starting your creativity, but all of them require you to have the energy and want to write. I believe I am getting back to that place, but the present situation is that my wonderful children are pretty much taking all the creativity I have right now. I hope to have the book finished soon, then I can share some the joys of formatting for kindle and formalize the cover. We can talk about promotions and sales and all that fun stuff.

But for now, I’m trucking along and I’m glad to have this blog to share my thoughts and experiences. I hope you enjoy in spite of the typos and awkward phrasing and I welcome your feedback and questions.

Thank you!


One thought on “An Apology

  1. I don’t think you need to apologize for anything. We all miss typos now and then, and yes – life does get in the way of creativity. Recharge as you need to, put your attentions to where they need to be first and foremost, and your writing will come to you again. 🙂

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