Good ways to think about Bad Reviews

Being a writer who puts their work out in the world requires courage. Real courage because you are laying your soul bare to be picked at and ridiculed. No matter how thick a skin you've developed, no matter how humble, and no matter how much you believe in your work, you will be hurt when... Continue Reading →

Interesting, Realistic Conflict

Two things that shouldn't be in a riveting story? Too many wild loose ends and tight pretty bows. Now the loose ends, they can flap around through out the story, being tethered down one by one, but at the end, unless you are writing a series, they should be pretty much accounted for, if not... Continue Reading →

How lucky I am

When I was a freshman I had to write a paper about my future career. When we presented them in front of the class I was slightly embarrassed sharing my colorful construction of my future acting career and engagement to Leonardo DiCaprio, but when I was writing it... well when i was writing it I... Continue Reading →

An Apology

If you have read my blog, you have probably noticed some glaring typos. Some sloppy writing. If you've checked my bio, you may have noticed I was planning on launching my debut indie novel this summer (I have just edited this). I started this blog in the spring during a big rush of creativity and... Continue Reading →

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