End your novel with hope

A while back I mentioned in a post that I preferred my horror stories to end with hope. This actually applies to just about everything I read, with the exception of books that lay in the middle of a series. Right now this isn't a very popular method, especially in horror. At the end of... Continue Reading →

An Unlikeable Protagonist

I've been seeing alot of requests for this recently. We want a hero we don't like but that we can root for. Oh, awesome. Because that makes tons of sense and is super easy to pull off. I have tons of real world experience to draw upon. I love rooting for people I don't like.... Continue Reading →

The Rules of Ghosts

After a break last week, I thought I would come back with something a little different. Instead of giving you tips on how to write, I'm going to share what to write if you are writing about ghosts. I am well researched in any number of topics, but ghosts have been a passion of mine... Continue Reading →

Sketches from my stories

Blogging from a phone today so I thought I would just share some recent work I've done. The first is the Princess Melandria, from "the Fate of a Princess ". The other is a victim of the black crawl, from "The Silent Apocalypse". Sometimes sketching out what I see in my head allows me to... Continue Reading →

Where do you get your ideas?

If you are a writer you have heard this question. I used to struggle with answering it. Ideas for stories are a dime a dozen. They are all around you, and even more so, they are so prevalent within you, they overflow, right out of you into a page. Then one day I was talking... Continue Reading →

When a story writes itself

I have spent many nights glaring at a computer screen typing and deleting the same paragraph, willing my characters to move, trying to force a story to happen. Every writer has. When it happens, sometimes you might be lucky and some read-overs can compel your hands, or a google search can make the story lurch... Continue Reading →

Editing without an Editor

I'll start with a disclaimer. I do not recommend this. A good editor is like a fairy godmother. With a wand of a pen, they slash run on sentences, illuminate plot holes and turn the pumpkin that is your story into the carriage that is fit to ride to the publishers. And that is why... Continue Reading →

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