Self Publishing: What I’ve learned so far

I have some exciting stuff coming up. A guest post from an author in Greece, and some interviews with self published authors (get your questions in if you have any). But today I wanted a do a rundown of what I have learned since taking on this goal.

1. There are endless resources for indie writers

Endless. From online editing apps to peer editing communities, marketing communities and free image resources, and pinterest boards, the internet wants to help. When something holds you up, a simple search will yield countless results to help you stay the path.

2. Indie writers are awesome

Why are they awesome? Well, aside from being indie writers, they are the most supportive group you will ever meet. They will help you get your book out there because they know you would do the same for them. If you are just starting out, making a writer’s twitter account will quickly introduce you to some of the smartest, most talented writers ever and they will have your back.

3. Don’t set a release date until you are done

I think I have mentioned I’m an impatient person. I’m also a bit of an optimist (a rare quality in a writer indeed) so I thought a general summer release would totally happen with a book that was almost done. Yeah, I’m feeling a little less optimistic about that. Some major life issues came up and put me off my non-stop editing trend. This happens to everyone, traditionally published, indie published and unpublished so don’t beat yourself up about it but for real, don’t commit until your product is finished.

4. Its good to get a start before you’re ready to publish

I read this before I started but I didn’t really believe it. I see all my twitter friends posting their published works for sale and I want one of my own! But I have a jump on the process. The time I’m not promoting my finished product, I am meeting people, learning things and getting my name out there. I still have alot to learn. I hope that when “The Fate of a Princess” is released, I will know more than I know now.

What have you learned on your path to publishing and what would you like to know?


4 thoughts on “Self Publishing: What I’ve learned so far

  1. #3, Don’t set a release date until you’re done, is really good advice. I’ve changed my publication date four times because I thought I was almost finished. After the book has been edited is probably a good time to set a publishing date for self-publishers.

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