Guest Post: Author Fia Essen

Hello there! My name is Fia Essen and I’m an author. I thought I should get that said right at the beginning of this guest blog post. The tricky thing about writing guest blog posts is making it seem as though you don’t have an ulterior motive for rambling on someone else’s blog. It’s especially... Continue Reading →

First Guest Post on Monday

Check in Monday when chick lit author Fia Essen writes about her ebooks "Ariel" and "Anna". Fia is an expat who has lived all over the world and currently resides in Greece. If you have any questions for her after her post, send them to me and we'll ask her in a later interview. Also,... Continue Reading →

Writing YA for adults who are young

I recently read an article that criticized love and first sight and anything beyond "pure" romance in YA novels (I guess that means anything beyond chaste kissing?). It made me a little angry. Not as a writer. As a former young adult. I remember being a teenager. Do you? The writer claimed the best YA... Continue Reading →

Working out of order

"Fate of a Princess" is out in the world, sorta. This weekend after numerous attempts to finish my second round of edits and clean up the end I sent it to my beta readers (my bffs) as is. I wouldn't normally recommend this for several reasons. 1. When you do have it cleaned up, you'll... Continue Reading →

Why I am self publishing an older novel

I finished the first draft of "Fate of a Princess" years back and every time I come back to it I'm pleasantly surprised. It's fun, it's light, it's entertaining. It needs work and that's why I haven't done much with it until now, but in my humble opinion it's pretty damned enjoyable. With some hard... Continue Reading →

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