Preparing for battle (another poem)

Poetry is not my preferred method of creative expression, but sometimes it is what comes the easiest, especially when things are a little rough. I’ve written lyrics and poetry for quite a while now and I find when I have a problem lines start floating through my head. I am probably not going to be around much this week, so I’m leaving you all with this one.

It was written specifically for a story I’ve been working on, a variation on sleeping beauty. Publishing my poems here will not be the norm, but it seems to be the trend right now.

They say that we are tested

They said that faith will pull us through

They dance beside the bested

But who is there to stand for you

When Autumn winds are frosted

And winter skies more gray than blue

They gather round the caustic

But who is there to stand for you

And when they hold their hands out

And promise they will see this through

Suddenly there’s no friend about

And who is there to stand for you

So when the darkest nights come

And you alone insist you’re true

You’ll look around for no one

And only you will stand for you


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